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Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Children

We have officially made it through the first week of Melbourne winter! Congratulations! But with all this cold weather, it can be hard to fathom how to create an extra special event for your winter baby!

Planning the perfect event for your little one can be overwhelming and there's definitely a lot of pressure these days to be the biggest or the best! Stressful!

Relax. Take a sip from that latte and breath deeply. Melbourne Fairy Parties has put together perfect party guide for your next winter event!

Pick somewhere warm!

This might seem like a no brainer, but spend some time thinking about an indoor location that will suit your budget and needs. Ideas could include moving the furniture around at home to make space in your living room, hiring out a recreation room at your local hall or hiring out a room at a play centre.

Think about a theme!

Perhaps you could choose a winter wonderland theme! Melbourne Fairy Parties has lots of kids party themes, including the family favourite Frozen! Why not embrace the chilly weather and make it somewhat of a feature on your child's special day?


Picture this....twenty screaming children, bouncing off the walls, sugared to dangerous levels, who are suddenly so bored they have decided to make their own fun by using the kitchen cupboards as their own playground....let's not think about it too much. This is where Melbourne Fairy Parties comes in. They bring the entertainment, so you can reach for that second flute of champagne. Activities ranging from a magic show, dancing, singing, limbo, pass the parcel, craft stations and of course, piñata! Amazing!

We hope this helps you shake off your winter blues and has ignited your passion for party fun! If you're still stuck, why not contact Melbourne Fairy Parties on 0405 050 733 and we can work through a full party solution for your next event!

Happy Planning!

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